Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 CSA Week 9: No More Zucchini!!

This week seems manageable to me, mostly because I finally used all the zucchini and we didn't get any more, so that's feeling pretty amazing.

Here's the basket:
Onions (3)
Garlic Tomatoes (11!!!)
Dragon's tongue beans
Kohlrabi (2)
Beet greens
  • The tomatoes, beans, kohlrabi, and carrots will be eaten raw. I really like a basket that allows me to just chop up all the vegetables for lunch.
  • I'll use the papalo in some iced tea and maybe a salad with tomatoes and carrots.
  • The pepper is a question. Maybe I'll eat it raw, but we might use it in a stir fry with the beet greens. 
  • I'll just keep chipping away at the garlic and onion. We're not drowning in them yet!
I honestly do think I've got this under control this week. It's been a month since I've been able to say that!

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  1. Until reading your post (and looking it up), I had never heard of papalo before! Sounds like a pretty versatile herb!


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