Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 CSA Week 10: Tomatillos?

This week brings us lots of goodies:
Sweet peppers (2)
Lacinato kale
Tomatoes (5)
Onions (2)
  • I still have a few tomatoes from last week, so I'll keep eating those whenever I need a snack.
  • I'll eat the peppers and carrots raw with lunch.
  • We are becoming overwhelmed with onions and garlic and I don't think we're the only ones. I'll try to give those away when people visit or I go visit people.
  • We'll use the kale in a frittata, as is the norm.
  • The biggest problem for me this week is definitely the tomatillos. Our farmers recommended roasting them and making salsa verde, but then what do I do with the salsa? Maybe I should buy it and then make tortilla chips out of the leftover tortillas we have from making tacos?  Do I even like salsa verde? 
What would you do with eight tomatillos? 

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