Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 CSA Week 7: I'm Gonna Catch Up

This week's basket is huge.  July really is the height of harvest season and we're definitely feeling it here.

Dragon's Tongue Beans
Onions (3)
Tomatoes (3)
Sweet peppers (2)
Cucumbers (4)
Zucchini (2)

You guys, I HAVE A PLAN. I think I can do this.

Dr. BB is going to make a spicy pinto bean kale soup that he takes to work for his lunch. That will use most of the kale, the sweet peppers, and the jalapeno. And I don't have to eat any of it!!!

I'm going to use the carrots, an onion, and some of the garlic to make a carrot soup. I threw out the carrot greens because Dr. BB read somewhere that it was not exactly scientifically proven to be safe to eat them and I didn't want to fight about it, so we never eat carrots greens.

I'll eat the tomatoes and beans raw.

And the zillions of cucumbers? I'm glad you asked. LOOK!
I MADE PICKLES.  I'm inordinately pleased with this, despite the fact that's it's super easy. I don't actually LIKE pickles, but maybe I'll like the ones I made?  Or, people like it when you bring homemade pickles as presents, right? I now have SIX jars of homemade pickles, so if you come visit me, you'll probably get a jar.   These things used some garlic scapes and the dill from last week, too, so I'm actually quite pleased with this. I'll let you know how they taste.

I still have three cucumbers in the fridge, though. Sigh. I'll eat them raw, too, I guess.

I'll make more zucchini bread with one of those zukes. As for the other two, I guess we'll have grilled zucchini with every dinner next week.

I feel like I'm winning the CSA game this year.

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