Monday, June 27, 2016

Summertime Showering Dilemma

I can't possibly be the only one here who has distinctly summertime related showering woes. Here's the scoop on my end. I shower in the morning. I'm not a morning person and it's really the only way I really feel awake without a prolonged hours-long process that involves me snapping at people. If I'm washing my hair, I can't go to bed with wet hair, so showering at night is not really a great option for me. Basically, what I'm saying here is that my morning shower is my main shower and I'm pretty much unwilling to give it up.

But then I work out mid-afternoon and it's been hot here, so even though our apartment is air-conditioned, it's set to 78, so it's air-conditioned to keep us alive, not to keep me comfortable when I'm squatting, lunging, and jumping.  So I get sweaty. Viciously, drops of liquid landing on the floor, red-faced and soaked through all the layers of my clothing, disgustingly sweaty.

We call these mallards The Gentlemen. There's always a brace of four or five of them at this patch of "beach" by the "lake." I use those two terms loosely.
Within thirty minutes of my cool down, I am respectable once again, but there is a fine layer of salt all over me. I know this because it's the only time the cat shows any interest in licking me.  And let me be the first to tell you, that sandpaper tongue on my leg after a hard workout is better than any massage.

Do I shower? Do I put my clothes back on without showering? I feel like a quick, 30-second rinse off wouldn't be crazy, but then I'd have to re-lotion my arms and legs (because my epidermis is UNGODLY sensitive and I'm already applying a steroid cream to my hands and patches on my arms twice daily because of this sensitivity and I don't want to have to add more trips to the dermatologist because I stopped putting lotion on after a shower) and I hate putting lotion on more than most any other personal care chore.  This lotion thing is the main reason I don't want to take multiple showers a day, although if I see you in person I'll spin some tale about water conservation and Mother Earth.

Okay.  So that's done.

Then, after dinner, probably 90% of the time, I realize that I don't have my 10,000 steps for the day, so I have to go for a walk.
Gawky teenage goslings!  See what I mean about living in a swamp?
It's hot and humid here and I live in a swamp, so I slather on sunscreen and bug spray and go for my walk.  When I come back, I'm sweaty, but my sweat is now also commingled with who knows what kinds of chemicals.  Do I shower AGAIN? And put lotion on AGAIN? 

I have been just ignoring my grossness after working out and taking a brief rinse after my walk (including lotion) and just washing my face after the workout (which means I'm washing my face three or four times a day, but let's not think about that).  Is this what adults do? I mean, do people who have their shit together shower three times a day? How do they have time to do that? What if you're wearing make-up? Do you have to reapply EVERY TIME? I'm stressed out imagining all of this. Even if the shower itself is only thirty seconds long, it's at least ten minutes afterward to do all the REST. 

What's your summer showering schedule?


  1. I used to be a morning showerer for similar reasons to yours. I am now an evening showerer, which I find works better for exercising, walks, etc. During ungodly hot weather, two showers per day is perfectly acceptable. I cannot answer for the makeup question.

  2. I shower once a day. I, however, wash my face four times a day to keep my acne away. None of these face-washes can be skipped. I don't wear make-up (except occasionally eye make-up) so I cant answer that either. When I shower depends on what time of day I need to be at work. Early morning if I go to work in the morning, late morning if I go to work in the afternoon, late afternoon if I go to work in the evening or if I am off work.

    I do not exercise.


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