Thursday, June 09, 2016

Jail Break Time!

As part of my regular peripatetic lifestyle, I walk by what Wisconsinites call a "lake," but as a native Michigander I must report is more of a large pond.  Yesterday there was an adorable black Labrador frolicking in the lake as I strolled by. Some woman asked me if it was my dog and while I was tempted to say yes and just steal the dog, I told the truth.  It turns out that the dog had been playing in the area around the lake for about half an hour and no one would claim the dog.

I coaxed the dog, who from here on out will be called Sweetie because that's what I called her, over to me and checked her out. She was well fed and had on a red collar, but she didn't have an id tag.  The other lady, let's call her Tube Top Woman, reported that her husband had called the police, but that Sweetie was resistant to being moved away from the lake.

I grabbed Sweetie's collar, took her over to a sheltered area with picnic tables, and we sat there. She was panting like mad, so some dude who was having lunch at one of the tables gave her some water. I just kept holding her collar while Tube Top Woman left to run back to her house to see if she could find a leash. Meanwhile, Sweetie was accepting pets from me, water from a bottle, and was just generally the friendliest mutt ever.

And then the police came and put her in the back of a squad car.

I got the dog arrested.

Who wants to go with me to break her out of jail?

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  1. Zelda will be SO happy to have a new friend!


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