Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 CSA Week 3: I Guess It's Salad Time?

So this week brings us:
Lettuce (2)
Italian Basil
Garlic Scapes
Lacinato Kale

It turns out that I'm already behind with scallions and green garlic, so more scallions and garlic scapes may be the items that send me over the CSA ledge.  On the bright side, the scapes last a long time, so if I don't get to them right away, they'll be good for the next month or so.

Those peas are all we're going to get this year. In a direct quote from the CSA newsletter: Seeds for Sugar Snap peas, our absolute favorite variety, were unavailable due to a seed crop failure. We were stuck trying a couple new varieties (at least new to us) and they didn't come remotely close to Sugar Snap in terms of flavor, vigor, or length of harvest.

So this is it. No more peas in our baskets. I'm  hopeful that we'll get lots of beans to make up for the lack of peas, but there are no promises in the CSA game, I guess.

  • I will eat the radishes and peas raw, maybe by the time this is published. I'll also eat the kohlrabi raw. I love kohlrabi so much.
  • The kale and the radish/kohlrabi greens will be sauteed with some of the garlic greens from last week for lunch and dinner sides.
  • I'll probably make some pesto with the basil/sage/scapes/leftover greens.
  • The biggest issue is the lettuce. I've admitted before that I don't like lettuce. I'm not lying about this. We'll probably have chicken Caesar salads using whatever this lettuce is as a substitute for romaine. The thing is that this lettuce is SUPER HARD TO CLEAN. I put it through the salad spinner twice and I know Dr. BB will do it again and then probably hand wash each fucking leaf.  And maybe we'll have burgers and also use a bit of it then. So maybe we'll use this lettuce. Or maybe we won't and I won't feel too badly because I swear to you I'm not really a picky eater and I eat almost all vegetables, but it's not my fault that lettuce is bitter and gets stuck in my teeth and I don't have to like it.

Maybe I'll just pretend the lettuce doesn't exist and see what Dr. BB does with it. 

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