Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 CSA Week 2 - Crunch!

This week brings us:
Green Garlic
Pea Shoots
Zucchini (x2)
Rainbow Chard

The plan is pretty simple, I think. 
  • The radishes and cucumber I will eat raw with lunch.
  • The lettuce and pea shoots will be used on Dr. BB's sandwiches at lunch time. We are also having tacos for dinner one night this week and we'll use the lettuce on those, as well.
  • The rainbow chard will be cooked in a frittata.
  • The green garlic and scallions will probably get used in the taco meat and the frittata and I'll use some of them in my lunches, but chances are pretty good we won't use about half of them.
  • The parsley is the only challenging ingredient.  I might make some pesto (and use more of the garlic and scallions) and freeze it to use later.  

 And here's what ended up in the fridge.

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