Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 CSA Week 1 - Greens! Greens! Greens!

First week of our CSA! Whoohoo!

Here what we got:
Green Garlic
Red Russian Kale
Pea Shoots
Purple Mizuna

I'll eat the radishes raw. 

We're going to make a spinach and potato frittata with some of the spinach and maybe a bit of the green garlic.   

The kale is going to be used in a polenta lasagna.  We'll probably use some of the green garlic in that, too.

Dr. BB will put the pea shoots in the sandwiches he eats at lunch.

We're going to do burgers and fries this weekend (what? it's summer now), so I'll saute the radish greens and mizuna and maybe some of the spinach with some of the green garlic as a side.

I actually think we've got this basket under control.  Come week 15 I may not be as confident.

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