Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Quick Tossed Ribbon Quilt, Part II

Since I have been pretty much working on this quilt non-stop, I sort of thought it had taken over my blog, as well.  But other than a quick update as part of a larger post, I've only had one post on it. So here's the update. IT'S TAKING OVER MY LIFE. Every available minute of every day that I'm not working, exercising, cooking, eating, or sleeping, I'm doing something with this thing.  I don't know if quilting is a hobby that works for me.

When we last left, I had sewn all the squares and had begun putting them together in a four by four square. Once I did that, I selected a fabric for the backing and then the basting process began.
Basting essentially means somehow keeping all the pieces of the quilt - the front, the back, and the batting in the middle - together for the sewing process. I opted to basically just use a bunch of safety pins to pin everything together.
And so since this happened three weeks ago, I've been actually quilting, which means I've been sewing these pieces together. I've been loosely following the brown trapezoids as I've quilted.  I have one more week to finish the quilting AND THEN I STILL HAVE TO BIND AND FINISH THE STUPID THING.  I had no idea it would take this long when I started.

Give me patience so that I don't end up crumpling it up in the corner and just leave it there. 

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