Friday, March 11, 2016

A Birthday Fortnight of Cards

Bestest Friend's birthday was earlier this month.  One day I had this wild-eyed idea to celebrate her birthday fortnight (a week before and a week after your ACTUAL birthday since birthdays so rarely fall on a delightful weekend day where you can just celebrate your day in one awesome go) by texting her something silly every day. I then rethought this idea since 1) I don't have "silly" things every day and 2) it would be super annoying to me if someone did that, so I assume it would be super annoying to her.

I sent her a handwritten note on each of those days, though.  Here's her fortnight of cards.

1. A stupid magnet card that I purchased once at a dollar store thinking it would be fun to send to some kid, but it was kind of ugly and I thought it would make Bestest Friend laugh.
2. Striped Rhinoceros in Party Hat from Man vs. George ($3.95)
3. Funny Best Friend Birthday Card from Mash Up Art ($5)
4. Cats in Bed, People at Foot of Bed from 3Crows ($5)
5. Narwhal and Cat Card from AnnyaKai Art ($3.95)
6. Mermaid Card from AnnyaKai Art ($3.95)
7. I got this at the gift shop at Dow Gardens. That is all I remember.
8. Striped Pig in Party Hat from Man vs. George ($3.95)
9. Spirograph Colorful Modern Birthday Card from Man vs. George ($3.95)
10. This Whazzup? card is from Bee Dazzles, but it doesn't look like the shop currently has anything for sale.
11. From Target.  Not super exciting.
12. I bought this card from Posy Paper Co, but it looks like they only sell planners and calendars now. Bummer. They had lovely new baby cards.
13. Laser Cut Retro Bike Notecards (set of 8 for $7.99 from World Market)
14. From Target.  Not super exciting, but I did write my own poem on the back, so I made it exciting. Plus, there's a creepy bear riding a bicycle!

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