Monday, January 11, 2016

Snail Mail, Part 1

I think I'm going to attempt to keep track of my outgoing snail mail this year. This may be a New Year's resolution that falls to the wayside, but I'll do my best.

Years ago, someone gave me a bunch of cards from Thirty-One Gifts, a multi-level marketing scheme that I'm not entirely sure is on the up and up, and I have only a handful of those cards left at this point. The toast one was holding on because I usually don't send broad congratulations cards, but for specific events (birth, wedding, new job, whatever).
But my sister-in-law just bought a dental practice and I sent it to her.  Because why the hell not?  (She has celiac disease, like Dr. BB, so the asterisk is how the toast would be gluten-free, of course.)

My oldest niece turned nine last week and we sent her this awesome card with a check. I made some sort of "seal of approval" pun on the inside and I just know that someday those kids are going to think I'm funny. I don't think she gets puns yet, but someday she will and I'll be hilarious until she realizes that some lame, un-fun people think that puns aren't a sophisticated form of humor. And then I'll be boring Aunt NGS again.
Card from Man vs. George. Adorable!

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  1. Aunts, especially aunts without attached cousins, are often the most interesting people in our familial lives.


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