Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quick Tossed Ribbon Quilt #1, Part One

There's a quilt shop in our town that holds regular quilting classes. I opted to take this class instead of another garment making class mostly because I didn't want to have to drive fifty miles to Madison each week during the winter.  Last night I went to my first class. It's a beginning quilting class and she uses the easiest pattern ever, a quick tossed ribbon quilt pattern.  I'm starting to understand that "quick" is relative in quilting, but I'm a willing pupil.

Step 1 (last week of December): I went into the store to talk to the lady (hi Cheryl!) and bought a quarter-inch foot for my machine.  She told me to think about what colors I wanted. 

Step 2 (first week in January): Color about two dozen sample squares. Think about colors.

Step 3 (last week): I bought some fabric (and much less exciting thread).

Step 4 (last night): Go to class. Cut squares. I actually am only halfway through the cutting of the squares process - guess what I'm doing tonight?  - okay fine, I'm going to watch American Idol* tonight, but I'm going to cut some more squares tomorrow. I promise.

Step 5 (last night in class): Construct (actually sew!) one complete quilt square.

Step 6 (to be done in the next month before the next class): I need to finish cutting those squares and then piece together fifteen more of those quilt squares. Ooookay. That seems ambitious. I'll keep you up on progress.

*What do you think about American Idol?  I stopped watching about season fourish, tuned in briefly to lose all my illusions about how awesome Steven Tyler is (seriously, that was a BAD career move for him), and now I'm back for the last season because I am a nostalgic person. I LIKE all three current judges, but I miss the shattering of lifelong dreams that were the hallmark of the original auditions. I liked the dissension among the judges. I really just want Simon, Paula, and Randy back, I guess. (I DO like the current panel, but they're just so NICE.)

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