Friday, December 11, 2015

Five Gifts for the Ladies You Love

Look, this is essentially a list of things I would be pumped to find under the Christmas tree.  This is not a hint for people who love me to go out and buy all these things, but if you have a snotty hipster friend who is a lady, here are some things she might like.

1. Knit boot cuffs ($25 plus $3.25 s&h from Mom's Knitting NYC) - I really didn't realize that I needed boot cuffs until they started becoming all the rage on campus. I thought they just had really tall socks (and I was really jealous and wanted really tall socks, too!), but then I realized you could buy these handy doodads separately. A fashionable way to stay warm!

2. Coloring books and nice crayons (Harry Potter coloring book is $9.20, Fantastic Cities coloring book is $10.92, and the Prismacolor crayons are $20) - I feel like coloring for adults is kind of controversial - some folks love it and some find it demeaning. I love it more than most things that are legal. I love coloring with my nieces and nephews and I love the zone that I get into when it's just me and my crayon or colored pencil. I can't draw, so this is the best thing I have in terms of artistic talent.

3. A nice set of kitchen glasses ($19.95 for a set of 6 of these 15 ounce Arc International stemless wineglasses) - I bought our current set of glasses on sale at a department store and they are perfectly workable - they might be dinged up and scratched, but they are indestructible and can be washed in the dishwasher with no fear. I kind of want nicer looking ones, though, but I would never buy them on my own because, you know, I already have a perfectly adequate set.

4.A dress with sleeves (this one is $124 from Salaam) - I think I put a dress with sleeves on my list every year. Every year I end up buying a couple in January and February. My goal this year is to sew myself one if I don't get one under the tree!
5. An awesome Kindle cover (this one from the British Library is 25 pounds) - I have a perfectly good Kindle cover. It's proven durable and it's fairly attractive. But I really want one that looks like a book. Actually, even more specifically, I want one that replicates the cover from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but that doesn't apparently exist (I'm a niche market). One of these Jules Verne covers would be nice. They have some Sherlock Holmes cases, too, but they look like they are exclusive for iPads.  Anyway, how awesome are the faux book cover cases?!?! (The answer is very. Very awesome.)


  1. How many of these did you receive?

  2. The coloring book and pencils. I'm pleased with that result!


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