Monday, November 30, 2015

Recent Sewing Projects

One of my co-worker's wives has been pregnant for approximately two years. My co-worker showed us pictures of the nursery and they chose a dragon theme. I immediately decided that I wanted to sew them some dragon stuff.

I visited my mom in Michigan in October and we searched high and low for dragon fabric. We went to about seven stores and while I did buy lots and lots of OTHER things, I did not find dragon fabric. So I went online to Spoonflower and bought a yard of the "cute baby dragon fantasy for boys woodland" print, even though I was pretty upset that it said it was for boys. I kind of think girls would get into it, too. I used it as the main fabric for a bib, blanket, and bag (with a flannel fabric on the back).

I also got some hilarious Game of Thrones dragon fabric and I used it to make a cube, along with some black fleece I had lying around. All in all, it was pretty fun, although I am still surprised by the fact that dragon fabric is not readily available!
We're going to be throwing some shindigs in the next couple of weeks, so I also invested in some holiday themed fabric and made eight napkins (four of each fabric). I thought this project would take a couple of hours and it ended up taking approximately a million, so if you ever think you'll just whip some napkins out, make sure you reconsider your timeline.
And that is the that in my world. I'll be putting together some gift lists in the next couple of weeks and desperately trying to make sure my own Amazon wishlist is holiday ready!

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