Thursday, October 22, 2015

CSA: Week 20 (The Last Week)

Our last share of the season brings us on last big basket with:
Leeks (1 - but a big one)
Honey nut squash (2)
Kale (OMG! We still haven't dealt with last week's kale)
Sweet potatoes
Peppers (3)
Onions (2)
Cabbage (2 tiny ones!)
The cabbages are adorable. I wish we had gotten tiny little cabbages all season long.
Okay, the plan is not worry about any of this because I'm so far behind in my CSA vegetable consumption at this point I'm not sure if we'll ever catch up.  But we will catch up because this is the last basket, so in about three weeks I'm going to be depressed that we don't have enough vegetables on hand for my lunches. The good news for you is that you  won't have to hear me yammer on about our vegetables again until next June.

I leave you with ginger.

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