Thursday, September 17, 2015

CSA: Week 15

The autumn baskets are coming in now. They get a bit smaller, but we tend to embrace each item with more joy.
Kabocha squash
Cherry tomatoes
Red peppers
Onions (2)
You wouldn't believe how excited I am that we finally have a basket in which all the ingredients are easily incorporated together.
  • The squash, leeks, kale, and maybe some onion and/or garlic are going to make a soup. Maybe I'll garnish it with the sage! A delicious, it's going to start cooling down soon soup.
  • The tomatoes and carrots will go in my lunches. They'll probably be gone by by Saturday.
  • Last week's peppers were...not the most delicious things I've ever had, but I'm going to give them another shot this week in my lunches.
And that's it. No more planning. NGS out.

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