Friday, February 06, 2015

9.6 Sky - Walking to the Park

Bestest Friend and I are in the middle of a blog project. Each day of the month we will post a picture on a pre-determined theme and write a little something about it. The theme for the sixth day of each month is "Sky."
So, for a while in the summer 2013, I had a Fitbit Force and I diligently worked hard every day to walk 10,000 steps. Well, the Force was recalled because of some reports of dermatological issues and I have had ongoing skin woes myself that require me to smear a steroid cream on my hands twice a day, so I surrendered my Force, took the refund offered, and stopped being a lunatic about counting steps.

But last week I ordered a new Fitbit. This time I opted for the Zip (in blue) and I'm back to being a lunatic about tracking my every step. I actually find myself bitter about having to take it off so that I can shower.
Anyway, this also means that I regularly find myself thousands of steps short in the evenings. To prevent this, I'm hoping to make it a regular tradition to walk from my office on campus to the lakefront park downtown at least a couple of times during the week.  It won't hurt my motivation that the park is across the street from the best coffee shop in town (fine, the ONLY one in town).

I also park on the top floor of the parking garage, walk up and down every aisle in the grocery store even when I don't need to do so, and pace around the bathroom while I'm brushing my teeth.  I'm a bit compulsive.
To see what Bestest Friend wrote about the theme of the day, check out her blog, Too Legit to Quit.

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