Tuesday, December 09, 2014

7.9 Color - Polishing

Bestest Friend and I are in the middle of a blog project. Each day of the month we will post a picture on a pre-determined theme and write a little something about it. The theme for the ninth day of each month is "Color."
It was just one of those days, you know.  I spilled cranberry juice on my pants, forcing a clothes change before I left the house. Then I dropped something under my desk in my office and hit my head as I was picking it up. Then I accidentally sent an email about a grade to the wrong student.  By the time I'd been at work for a couple of hours, I was ready to head home. Unfortunately for me, that wasn't to be.

Let me explain December weather in Wisconsin to those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing it.  It is cloudy, pissing rain/snow in a not quite sleet form, the ground is just a series of brown hues, and everything looks like a really ugly Instagram filter has been used. Unless the color you're referring to is grey or brown, not much is happening here.

Until I went to Walgreens.  
The reason I was there is irrelevant, but the reason I stayed for three times as long as I needed to was the displays of nail polish. I don't regularly wear polish on my fingernails because I wash my hands approximately 80 times a day (working at a college campus has convinced me that young adults are petri dishes of illnesses that could kill my husband) and it just gets chipped. But today I seriously considered shelling out $6 a bottle for some cheerfulness.

I once won some free Sinful Colors polishes and I was pretty impressed with their brightness. It did chip fairly easily, though, so eventually I stopped wearing it.  This girl ain't got time to be fixing nail polish every other night, although I deeply admire those people who do.
But I resisted buying some new color.  Maybe next time.

Today's Christmas carol is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because COLOR.
To see what Bestest Friend wrote about the theme of the day, check out her blog, Too Legit to Quit.

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