Tuesday, October 07, 2014

5.7 Do - Getting It Fixed

Bestest Friend and I are in the middle of a blog project. Each day of the month we will post a picture on a pre-determined theme and write a little something about it. The theme for the seventh day of each month is "Do."
This "do" prompt just seems to bring out the "I don't want to do life chores" whiner that lives inside of me. I could have had a chunk of HOURS to write my lecture for tomorrow, but instead I had to drive around like a maniac taking my poor, run over, LCD and screen cracked phone to different repair places. Unfortunately for me, there are no "crazy lady ran over her phone"-type repair places near where I live, so you can imagine my angst at having to drive all over eastern Wisconsin attempting to find someplace that would even deal with it instead of staring at me and telling me I should just buy a new phone.
Also, because I'm whinging about it anyway, I had to do all of this without a GPS because MY PHONE DOESN'T WORK.   I don't really know my way around Milwaukee suburbs and I learned how very much I don't know as I had to stop repeatedly at gas stations to ask for directions like it was 1998 all over again.

Ahem. The parts will be here in 3-5 business days.
To see what Bestest Friend wrote about the theme of the day, check out her blog, Too Legit to Quit.

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