Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5.29 Music - Tuesday Night Hootenanny

Bestest Friend and I are in the middle of a blog project. Each day of the month we will post a picture on a pre-determined theme and write a little something about it. The theme for the twenty-ninth day of each month is "Music."
Last night, we came home from school, I worked out while the boy finished up work in the office, and as I was putting away my workout gear, the boy pulled out his guitar, and then this happened.
Click to make larger and see Zelda in all her glory.
I can't actually tell if Zelda likes when Dr. BB practices, but I will tell you right now, she won't leave him alone when he does. She tries to get in his lap and when he inevitably kicks her off, she'll try and find a soft spot as near to him as possible. And when nothing soft is available, well, a hard wooden stool will do, too.

He was working on a tricky passage in a song and he kept playing the same notes over and over again in an attempt to build muscle memory and whenever he would hit a bad note, her ears would flatten, but she never moved from the stool.  And when he put the guitar away, she hopped down from the stool and followed him around, twining between his legs and marking him with her tail.
There's also nothing like wishing your humans would leave the guitar case open so you could climb inside it, either. At least, that's according to Zelda.
To see what Bestest Friend wrote about the theme of the day, check out her blog, Too Legit to Quit.


  1. Adorable.
    Also, please tell hubby that today is World Psoriasis Day. ;)


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