Friday, January 17, 2014

Five by Five: Other People's Pets

Cat #1: Angel -All of these cats came from the same farm that Zelda came from.  My friends rescue litters of kittens and rehome them and keep a chosen few.  Angel, mistress of all things sweet and little and cuddly, will scratch your eyes out if you mess with her.
I may look innocent, but I'm planning to overthrow the human overlords.

Cat #2: Mouse - This picture gives you no perspective, but Mouse is HUGE. He is, I estimate, about twice the size of Zelda, who is not a little bit herself, but Mouse and Zelda do look a lot alike.  And that's where the similarities end. Mouse lets small children pick his massive self up and carry him around like a sack of flour.  He is the most tolerant of kitties I have ever met. 

Cat #3: Yzma - This cat is cross-eyed.  Also, I've only ever seen her like twice in my entire life because she only comes out of hiding when the small children aren't around and my friends have many small children.  She's also super soft.

Don't look me in the eyes.  Just pet me and tell me how beautiful I am.
Cat #4: Zelda - Ha ha. This one's mine. Don't be jealous.  She's a freak of nature.

I'm going to attack this camera lens!!!

 Not a Cat - Did I ever tell you about the time we bought two digital cameras to test and then we sent one back?  No, I did not. It was ridiculous and we felt silly doing it, but we walked around our neighborhood taking similar pictures so we could compare them scientific method-style. Dr. BB and I took pictures of one another running around (action shots, yo, like with small furry creatures and other people's children).  And this one makes laugh every time.

There is no snow yet. Oh, for the glory days of autumn.

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  1. This post makes me want to adopt another kitty :)


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