Monday, December 16, 2013

Five by Five - Finals Week Edition

Major chore completed: Holiday cards were send out.  Every year I say I am going to cut down the number of cards we send and every year I add more people to the list.  It is my own fault.  I also made the mistake of not buying address labels for our printer and so I had to address each envelope by hand which almost killed me.  But, whatever. I love the week before Christmas because our mailbox explodes with cards and that pleases me.

Holiday aromas:  We took some creamy butternut squash soup over to some folks who had a baby a couple of months ago (poor things - they are first time parents and all their little girl does is scream and they are stressed out and tired and convinced their daughter's going to write a book about how her parents failed her), made squash and sage risotto, some carrot soup (this recipe from Everyday Reading), granola, a batch of sugar cookies, and a batch of molasses cookies.  Things are getting festive around here.

It's a good thing I've already agreed to love, honor, and cherish him moments:  I do love my husband, but he's not perfect.  I purchased winter shares from our CSA that included over 10 pounds of squash and 10 pounds of sweet potato. So when we went to the winter farmers' market in a nearby town and he was seduced into purchasing some more squash, I could do nothing more than laugh.  Fool. 

Also, it's annoying that when he took down the trash on Tuesday night, he didn't take the almost full recycling that is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRASH, right?  The trash and recycling bin are right next to each other in our apartment and they get deposited into dumpsters right next to each other in our parking garage, so it wouldn't be out of his way to take the recycling, too.  I don't know. I stewed on it for a long time before I let it go. 

Movie Everyone Else Saw 25 Years Ago: We watched Scrooged with Bill Murray earlier this week. This is notable because I don't remember the last time I actually watched an entire full-length movie.  I just don't have the stick to it-ness that it takes to watch a movie.  Also notable because I really don't watch holiday movies because, you know, I'm a heathen.  Anyway, I enjoyed it. 

Zelda Update:  Zelda is still cute and fuzzy.  Also, kind of obsessed with spilling her drinking water.  This is how she feels about you suggesting maybe she drink her water instead of playing with it...


  1. Basil has recently begun splashing his water, too. At first we thought it was because he is developing cataracts and he can't quite see the depth of the water, but Zelda is young, so maybe it's just a cat thing.

  2. Scrooged is my very favorite holiday movie ever. I love it so much.


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