Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Crafty Sort

I'm going to do a series of gift guides, mostly because I need to start thinking about what I'm going to buy people.  The criteria to make the lists is that everything on the list will be $50 or less and I will love it all.

Address stamp (above, $25.95 + $6.00 shipping from Rubber Stamp Press): I not so secretly want one of these for myself. I think it adds just a touch of fun to sending out mail.

Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit ($40 from Uncommon Goods): I poked around looking for other kits online, but this one seems to have pretty good reviews. I think that if someone wants to start making some of their own beauty products, this is a fairly safe toe to dip in that pool!

Needle Felting Kits ($15 + $6 shipping from Fancy Tiger): Fancy Tiger has these adorable owls, but the shop also has robins, whales, sheep, and all sorts of other adorable felt balls.  Apparently it's relatively easy and fun to make. I might be buying some of these for my oldest niece for Christmas!

Watercolor Postcards: A Portable Studio ($19.95 from Chronicle Books): I found this little gem at an independent bookstore and I'm in love.  I still haven't opened by box, but knowing that someday I'm going to spend a delightful Saturday morning playing with this is exciting. It combines DIY with mail and that makes me happier than you will ever know.

Make Your Own Beeswax Candle Kit ($6.50 + $4.95 shipping from Swarm Naturals): Apparently some households don't have naughty kitties with super fuzzy tails and can burn candles.  Have at it, my friends.

Anything from Subversive Cross Stitch: I want to buy this bookmark kit ($12) for my sister so she will make it for me and then give it back to me.  Because, seriously, how many times have you wanted to say this to someone? 

Fingerless gloves:  I know that it's sometimes hard to keep your hands warm when you're sewing, stitching, or otherwise crafting in the cold months.  Fingerless gloves are super helpful in maintaining some use of your fingers!!  Just search for fingerless gloves on Etsy and you'll get many cute, affordable options.  (The ones pictured are $29.00 + $7.00 shipping for these fun merino wool gloves from Lyra Lyra.)

Ruler bracelet: There are plenty of them out there and they're totally fun.   The one pictured above is from Lizzy Bleu's Etsy shop ($20 plus $2.50 shipping).

Tiny things in a bottle:  Have you been to the Tiny World in a Bottle Etsy shop?  I want everything there!! The Seahorses in a Tiny Bottle pictured above is $26.50 plus $3.50 shipping from Japan. I think that is the best shipping deal in Etsyland.

Tattoo It Yourself Cards ($18 for a 5-pack from The Neat Shop): I love this idea.  There's a card that set up just for your doodles and tattoos.  Your creative friends will love it and you will love getting their art mailed to you!

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