Monday, November 18, 2013

Completely Missing the Meaning of the Holidays: What I Would Buy For My Husband

If Santa exists, here are some thoughts on what he should consider for my husband. For the record, pretty much none of this is affordable for us, but a girl can dream!
 Fuji X100S Digital Camera ($1,299 at Amazon): We've been going back and forth on a new camera. The cameras on our phones are better than our current digital camera.  But we do have phones on our cameras.  Would we take more pictures if we had a nicer camera?  Would we actually take fewer pictures because we wouldn't want to take the camera anywhere it might get damaged?  But he's been eying this one. In an unlimited budget world, this would be under the tree.

F-Style Mandolin ($950 from Shawnee Creek Mandolins): I don't get the love he has for bluegrass music, but I know he would love a fancy mandolin. He's already got a pretty basic model mandolin and I know he'd like an upgrade.

Dress Coat for Winter: He has a North Face jacket for outdoorsy stuff and a down coat for super cold days, but his winter coat for dressy occasions is an old pea coat his father gave him that's too big for him and kind of falling apart at the seams.  I thinks something like this wool blend slim fitted peacoat from Schott, NYC would be great ($260).

Sweater: His sweaters are getting pretty worn in the elbows. I'm not sure if he's going to have enough to keep him going this winter.  I think something like this midweight merino wool half zip sweater from Filson ($235) would be a good start to building that collection back up.
 Burroughs Beard Oil by Prospector Co. ($28.00 for a 1 ounce bottle): My husband has a gorgeous beard. I love it. But it needs some care and attention, as does the skin under the beard.  I love the way this beard oil smells and I want to buy gallons of this stuff for him!

Argyle socks (these ones are $20 from Argoz): Every Christmas I buy him awesome socks. He goes through socks so much. I hate it when men wear just boring black, blue, or grey dress socks. My honey never leave the house without some color on his toes!!
Fun colored shoelaces: Okay, this is more my thing, but I desperately want to buy him some fun laces for his boring shoes. Men have so few places to accessorize, but shoelaces go unnoticed. These come in pink, orange, blue, yellow, green, and purple at Allen Edmonds for $5 a pair.  Let's do it!!

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