Thursday, November 14, 2013

Completely Missing the Meaning the Holidays: What I Want For Christmas

Let's pretend that Santa really exists. Here are some presents I would love to find under the tree in my world of unlimited funds. This list is in order of absolute ridiculousness, which is to say, the most expensive stuff is first.

Antero Jacket from  Freeride Systems ($329.99 from Freeride Systems, but currently sold out, of course): You try to find a women's waterproof, breathable jacket that is made in the US. Go on. I dare you. This is the one I found. And it's over $300 and sold out.

Shoes: I have summer shoes figured out. I have hiking boots, winter boots, and slippers figured out. I need to figure out what to do with day-to-day winter shoes. My Danksos are getting beat up (there are holes in them), but most of the Danksos are made in China, so I can't just go get another pair.  Here's the main question.  Do I go with a Maryjane style, which I've found works well with my feet problems AND looks adorable or do I go with a more oxford/wingtip look which has funness inherent in it?

Potential Shoe #1: Maria from SAS ($149.99) - Probably the most affordable and practical of all the options. 
Potential Shoe #2: Bout from Cydwoq ($304) - Do you want me discuss the adorable vintage/not vintage look of these shoes? I could go on for a long time.
Potential Shoe #3: West Indian from Aurora Shoe Company ($150) - I'm not sold on the profile of this shoe, but it's kind of hard to find the Maria from SAS in black and I know I can get these ones in black, so I'd prefer the Maria, but if Santa can't find them in black, these are an acceptable substitute.

Potential Shoe #4: Lucy from Alice Alan ($425) - I've never spent this much on shoes, but I would love to own these.
Potential Shoe #5: Belinda Wingtip from Johnston & Murphy ($158) - These shoes come in the best contrasting colors I've seen in a long time. I don't know how practical these shoes would be since I'm pretty sure I'd want every set of colors they come in, but they make me squeal with happiness.
Potential Shoe #6: Aubrey from Vintage Shoe Company ($179) - The pair pictured here are the fun Sunset Suede color, but this modern take on a wingtip also comes in black and brown for a more day-to-day use.  I could be persuaded quite easily that this shoe is for me.

Kindle Paperwhite ($139 at Amazon): Look, I get it. Kindles are absolutely unnecessary.  But I loved my Kindle and until it died, it made me the happiest girl around. I will definitely get $139 worth of pleasure out of it.  I love being able to put library books on it. I love the Prime borrowing. I love that when I'm traveling, I don't need to pack five heavy paper books, but I can just pack my trusty Kindle. I need a new one and I promise myself that if I don't get one for Christmas, I'm going to buy one for myself by the end of January.

Havlick Tracker Snowshoe ($140.00 right now! sale! at Havlick Snowshoe Company): Hey, why do you want a crazy expensive jacket?  Because I want to go snowshoeing this year.  We live right by a state park that is awesome for winter sports and I want to take advantage of it. Last year I was a bit of a jerkface about winter sports because I was all "oh, no, I'm going to fall and break my leg again" and I'm not going to be like that this year.

Fitbit Flex ($88.61 at Amazon) or Jawbone UP ($129 at Amazon):  I'm a little bit obsessed with tracking my steps, but traditional hip pedometers don't work for someone like me who wears dresses a lot.  There are a lot of mixed reviews on these two products, though.  The Flex isn't as comfortable as the UP and it seems to have trouble tracking steps when you drive a lot (and I drive a lot).  The UP is more expensive and seems to have some issues with quality control and some people get devices that work perfectly and other people have loose buttons, devices that don't charge, or other problems.  Does anyone have personal experience with these?  I mostly just want it to track my steps.

We Cheer 2 for Wii ($71.49 at Amazon): My EA Sports Active 2 heart rate monitor stopped working which makes the game useless.  I have Just Dance 4 and I love it, but I'm honestly looking for a little variety in my cardio workout.  My new routine is to do light lifting four days a week and a little bit of cardio after the lifting (20 - 25 minutes) and all out cardio all the time for 1-2 days a week (45 - 60 minutes).  We Cheer 2 looks like it will fit in nicely with my cardio goals.

A necklace from Creation Twinne (the red black swirly necklace pictured above is $45.00): I love that these are statement necklaces without being huge, bulky necklaces.  If you're not a fan of the red one above, what about this purple and black dot necklace ($36.50) or the fuchsia and purple swirls ($45.00) necklace?  I would take any and all of them!

Funky purple bracelet: I'm not going to lie. I really want the purple bead and leather bracelet pictured above on the left. But it's crazy expensive ($135 at Town of Beadrock) and while I absolutely, positively believe that it is worth every penny of that, it seems a bit excessive. I would also love a less leather, more bead-centered alternative like the Funky Purple Pearl Wrap Bracelet from RaDree ($25.51, above right)

Bike Magnet Board ($24.50 at Livy Lou Designs): Look, our cat knocks down everything we put on our fridge. But I want someplace to display wedding invitations, thank you notes, and adorable pictures of cats and kids that get sent my way. I could hang this up in our office where ZZ Top is not allowed unsupervised and it would take care of this little problem.

Tights: What I really want are sweater tights - sweater tights in argyle, fun stripes, and general zaniness. I have found that my go-to uniform in the cold months is a sweater, a skirt, and colorful tights with boots.  The tights take the outfit from Dullsville to Funsville.  But I'm struggling to find sweater tights that meet the ethical fashion criteria we so excitedly created for ourselves only to find there is exactly nothing left for us to buy.  Anyway, I'll settle for some fun hose which, while not nearly as warm as sweater tights, at least can get the fun part like the Sheer Luxe Solid Stripe Pantyhose ($22.00 at American Apparel, pictured above) or the Sheer Luxe Polka Dot Shapes Pantyhose ($25.00 at American Apparel).

Fun wrapped earrings: They don't have to be THESE earrings ($17.95 from The WrapStar) but something like it.  Not too heavy, not too big, but fun and metal-ly.

25 Number Ones by Conway Twitty ($14.32 at Amazon): Leftover from last year's list. Apparently no one wants to be the person who encourages me to sing That's My Job repeatedly.

Hoop earring for my cartilage piercing: I currently have a stud in my cartilage and it pokes me while I sleep, occasionally waking me up. I have historically had hoops in, but am having a hard time finding something in the right size (6 - 12 mm) and that isn't boring.  Here are some potential options.

Black triangle hoop from 360 Jewels ($17) - I'm going to pretend it doesn't say it's for men.
Gold helix from Cecile Stewart Jewelry ($5.95) - I like that it isn't the usual round shape.
Hammered silver hoop from Phoenix Mtn Creations ($14.00) - It looks sturdier than the usual cartilage earrings you see out there.

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  1. I agree with your coat plight. I've been looking for a wool pea coat that's made in the USA and have only found one by Filson and it's not exactly what I'm looking for. At least I don't need to purchase a new one this winter.

    And #2 is my favorite of the shoes - super cute!


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