Friday, September 20, 2013

Five by Five - Random Pictures I Took On My Phone

1. Weekly Outing with Strange People: Last weekend, I was in Minneapolis for work. I really only had a few hours here and there to go do STUFF, but during my lunch break, I walked down to the University of Minnesota by the stadium and tailgated with some random people. My Gophers sweatshirt gave me cred. It was...wonderful.

Go Gophers!

2.Weekly Shot of 6:30 on a Sunday Morning in a College District: It's just so deserted.

For my Minneapolis folks, this is Washington Ave, just past the Alumni Center. The light rail tracks are IN! They're hoping to be up and running by next summer. Light railing connecting Minneapolis-St. Paul, running through campus, is going to be the awesomest thing that ever awesomed.
The red light is controlling absolutely no traffic.

3. Best Destroyed Mail: My sister sent me this postcard (made from balsa wood) while she was on her honeymoon. It arrived taped up in a plastic bag in two pieces. I took a picture of it and texted it to her because it's amazingly destroyed!

Broken whales. Broken hearts.

4. Smallest Watermelon Ever: I don't know if it's truly the smallest watermelon to ever exist, but it's the smallest watermelon I've ever eaten. I put it next to a tomato and squash for size comparison, but I am not sure you really get the true feel of the scale. All three were part of our CSA basket this week. All three are currently in my belly!

It was okay for a watermelon. I just think they're kind of pointless melons, really. I ate it. It was fine. The tomato? The tomato was the kind tomato dreams are made of.

5. Gratuitous Picture of My Cat: I'm going to send in a few pictures to Cat Fancy. Surely they'd want her to be a cover model because she's so gorg.

This is why working at home is so hard. She's laying right on the materials I needed at that moment to do my work. But, hey, who needs to work?  I can take an unnecessary picture of my cat.

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  1. Did your sister send the postcard from Alaska? My in-laws sent the kids a parcel from Skagway in June. We got it in the middle of August.


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