Monday, August 05, 2013

Needs Sayin'

I just love that when I did a Wordle of my current posts, library, book and cat are some of the most common words.  It's telling.

It was a tough weekend around these parts. Imagine a 2.5 hour drive in total silence, smiling through a family birthday party, and a 2.5 hour drive back home in total silence.  It was like that.

I finally broke this afternoon, though, and we had a debate over chili.  Each of us held our ground, but it turns out there was a miscommunication of the someone thought that someone thought something that someone did not think type that drives me absolutely insane when it's a plot point in a novel.

Anyway, there's nothing settled here. A search history on his computer would show how he's looking at what killing machine to purchase and a search history on my computer would show how I'm looking for arguments against bullets and targets.  But at least we're talking now.  So that's something.


  1. So he wants to buy a gun? Wow. That would be very tough to swallow. Can he store it in a locker at the shooting range?

  2. so, does he want to hunt? or just gun range stuff? and then, what is he hunting? I can see the opposition to hunting, and while I want nothing to do with it, deer meat is pretty good.

    My husband and I are currently having conversations about loaded guns. I don't care if he has guns, but with kids in the house they have to be stored in a high place, UNLOADED!, with the ammunition and gun in separate places.


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