Monday, August 19, 2013

Five by Five - Weekend Edition

Windows Down, Volume Maxed Song: You Never Even Call Me by My Name by David Allen Coe - If anyone saw a girl in a falling apart Hyundai Elantra doing some serious car dancing on Sunday morning on 12 right outside of Madison, that was me.  Sunday mornings one of the country stations does "Retro Rewind" and I can go the entire car ride without hearing Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, or Keith Urban.  It is my idea of bliss.

Annoying Thing I Should Never Have Volunteered For: My sister is getting married next weekend. I was put in charge of a handful of things, none of which has been incredibly taxing, but I did say I would decorate the stupid bubble containers.  This has been time consuming and annoying.  And, hours and hours and hours later and they still aren't actually done.  I don't want to talk about it.
Still not finished. May never be finished.
Tomatoes I Like: We went to an heirloom tomato tasting at the farm where we are members.  It turns out that I really like the Aunt Ruby's German Green, Italian Heirloom, and the Hillbilly varieties.  But it also turns out that I can eat tomatoes in quantities that amaze and stun others.  The farmers told us we'd be getting some of those tomatoes in our boxes in the future.  Yay! 

When we were at the farm, the cows on the neighboring farm kept mooing and making cow noises and I really wanted to go play with the cows. Unfortunately, my husband did not think that wandering around to a stranger's farm and asking to hang out with the livestock was a good idea.

Cheating Exercise:  My schedule in the next couple of weeks is relatively insane, so I've had to let go of my strict two days on, one day off of high impact interval training.  Don't worry. I'll pick it back up soon enough, but in the meantime, I'm actually diversifying my training a little bit.  Part of this is riding my bike more often and the other part is going hiking on the trails in the nearby state park.  I went on Saturday morning. We were out for just under two hours and it was fun! Hardly seemed like exercise!

Gratuitous Picture of Zellybeaners: My cat loves to show off her fuzzy belly. That is all.


  1. David Allan Coe and No Show Jones!

  2. We had the chance to DIY our wedding favors but opted to buy them pre-made instead. After hearing this, I'm grateful we didn't! I'm guessing the wedding's over by now (I'm reading this quite late), so I hope everyone loved the bubble containers and showered you with compliments on your handiwork!


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