Friday, March 08, 2013

New Morning Tradition?

Every morning, I wake up just as the boy is finishing breakfast, make my own breakfast*, and am finished eating by the time the boy is ready to head out of the door. Usually, I then head to the office for an hour or two of work before I workout, but the last couple of mornings this has happened.

Forget work. I gotta stay here so I can pet the kitty on my lap.

*"Make" is much too generous for what I do in the morning.  Dump some already made granola on top of some yogurt, throw some fruit in the bowl, pour four ounces of cranberry juice in a glass, and I'm done.  

**Yes, I'm a grown ass adult who sleeps in Eeyore pajamas.  My mother gave them to me for Christmas several years ago, they are made of flannel, and they are warm. I don't want any guff for my sartorial decisions.


  1. Anonymous3/09/2013

    I would never leave for work if my cat did that. And I'm crazy entertained by the two anonymous comments above. I know you will delete them but they are ridiculous.

  2. Wow, Web Trolls! How exciting. Not that your blog isn't FABulous, of course, but how funny.

    I miss being cold enough for flannel... Ah, New England. (Or Wisconsin) I frequently envy the cuteness factor in my kid's pajamas. Nothing wrong in cute pjs! Or cat-based relaxation sessions. I loved that about having a cat, the excuse/reason to just sit in quiet and enjoy the warmth in my lap.


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