Monday, March 25, 2013

Mission Sofabed

We are having an overnight guest this week in the NGS/BB household.  Normally, this would be cause for great excitement, but instead it became a cause for angst.  Where will the overnight house-guest sleep?!  See, in the past, we have lived in large enough metropolitan areas that we could pretty much just send or guests to a nearby hotel.  But here in this town we have two hotels which have admitted bedbug problems (!!) and several B&Bs that we can't really justify the price of for our guests.

We live in a lovely two bedroom apartment, but one of those bedrooms has been made into our office, so we don't have a guest room. 

We decided that we would get a sofabed which would serve a dual purpose since we currently only have a loveseat in our living room.  So we spent an entire Friday night driving from furniture store to furniture store in Madison (seriously! we went to half a dozen! why must there be so many stores?) and ended up realizing that neither of us wanted to spend a thousand dollars on a sofabed that was neither a good sofa nor a good bed.

So we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and purchased an air mattress.

Now we have no sofa, a crappy bed, but at only the cost of an air mattress and a set of queen sheets.  I can't tell if we've made a good decision or not, but it did allow us to go home and not have to argue about springs, fabrics, and quality of mattress.  Winners?


  1. We have one of those for the cabin. Notes: Cold if the floor is cold. When the underside of the floor was insulated it was much more comfortable. Also, ours loses air after a night or two. It is no big deal to fire up the pump and refill, but over the long term it might be a PITA. Don't want guests to get TOO comfortable, do you?

  2. You'll have to let us know. Personally, I think you're already in the win column for not spending a pauper's fortune on a lousy couch and an even lousier bed you'll end up resenting.


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