Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown to Christmas, Part III

December 11 - Ordered some presents on Amazon and Etsy.  Seriously, I don't know when I'm going to actually wrap these presents and have them shipped to the correct people, but some time better pop up in the next week!

December 12 - We finished decorating the tree.  Up until this point, we'd just had lights on it, but we put on Los Straightjackets and hung up our ornaments. It was fun.

December 13 - I walked downtown because I realized we were about ten cards short for our holiday cards and bought some from a local retailer. 

December 14 - I was really sick of waiting for our photos to come in from Target (they were supposed to me mailed to me like two weeks ago and I'm still waiting), so I took my USB drive to Walgreen's in town only to find out that they couldn't get the pictures off a USB drive, so I drove home, made Dr. BB put the pictures on an SD card, drove back to Walgreen's, and got the pictures.  Then we finished Christmas cards.

December 15 - I made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies and then we took most of them with us to a holiday shindig at one of Dr. BB's coworkers homes.

December 16 - I remember talking to Dr. BB about how we didn't do anything holiday-y on this day. He reminded me that we listened to Christmas music on the way to and from the grocery store.  So a shootout to my favorite Christmas album 'Tis the Season for Los Straightjackets by Los Straightjackets.

December 17 - I went to Target, the mall, and then I wrapped all my presents, put Dr. BB's under the tree, and found shipping boxes for all the rest.

December 18 - I went to the post office and shipped off my presents to those who I won't be seeing over the holidays. I was super excited about this since it allows a full week for those packages to get to wherever they need to go!!

December 19 - I made more cookies. I am starting to feel like a cookie-making factory.

December 20 - The last of my presents for Dr. BB arrived in the mail! Since we were essentially housebound due to Draco, I wrapped that present, he wrapped all the presents for our inlaws, and we opened our presents in the evening.

December 21 - We dropped Meow CrazyFace off at the kennel and drove to Iowa.

December 22 - We dropped off baskets of food at various local non-profits and churches and went to my nephew's baptism.

December 23 -  And here we are. Iowa.  Tomorrow will be the full extended holiday shindig and the day after all the little ones get to open their presents.  Merry Christmas to all.

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