Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Z is for Zelda

If you thought Z was going to represent anything other than my kitty, you were fooling yourself. Dr. BB and I often joke about the internet content as mostly porn and pictures of adorable kitties and I guess I don't really see a problem with that. As long as everyone agrees that my kitty is the cutest of them all.

She likes to be in box-like things.  Her absolute favorite place in the world is her kennel, which we leave out for her all the time. It's where she takes naps and hides from humans. It is understood that we will leave her alone when she is in her den.  But she'll also happily play with any laundry basket you leave about or a cardboard box.

My Z-cat also loves to stretch out and show her fuzzy belly off.  I read (on the internets, of course) that overweight cats sleep like this, as do cats who trust their owners A LOT.  She's not overweight, so I'm taking it to mean that she doesn't think we will ever eat her belly. Little does she know.

Zelda, who will respond to the names Zelly Bean, Zelly Beaner, Zelda Belda, Fuzzy Face, Furry Feet, and Crazy, will also cuddle with you, curl up into the most adorable ball to sleep, and allow you to film her looking grumpily into the camera.  She's a true delight.

Actually,the last time I wrote about my cat and what a brat she was, Abby reassured me that until her cat was two, he was a brat.  I'm sad that we have almost another year to go of brattiness, but I have hope that someday she will stop biting, tearing up the carpeting, and yo-yo-yowling at night.  Or she won't and we'll keep her anyway because how could you resist that scrumptious grumpy face?!

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  1. She IS a really pretty cat. Love the comment about the content of the internet. Sad but true...


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