Monday, September 24, 2012

Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, and the 47%

I spent a lot of time on the western shore of Lake Michigan last week. Kenosha and Racine are actual places in Wisconsin, not just punchlines to jokes. And they are lovely, truly lovely, in an unexpected and compelling way. I sometimes forget that my identity for so long was that of a Great Lakes girl and returning back to the Lakes, even if on what I jokingly call "the wrong side," feels so good.

I desperately wanted to walk around on these rocks in Racine, but I was by myself and I was worried my ankle would let me down. Next time I'm taking Dr. BB with me and I'm going to conquer uneven surfaces.

The trees are just starting to change color. In the next few weeks, the treeline is going to look like it's on fire. I can't wait.

I've been home, too, dealing with a fussy ten pound maniac and waiting for her to pass out like this because this is the time when she's at her absolute cutest.


Most of the time, Zelda is unimpressed with us, though.  I imagine Zelda rolling her eyes whenever she hears Mittens speak.  I don't care who you vote for, really, but I do care that our elected officials are empathetic.  Hearing someone so casually write off half the population was chilling.  He's not a politician. He is, at heart, a somewhat unfeeling businessman who's only interested in profits. Running a government is not a money making proposition and I suggest he go back to private industry.  Please. For the good of the all. And so Zelda will stop making this face.

These guys are in front of the gym.  No, I don't know why, but they make me happier than you would ever believe every time I go inside. 


  1. Wish I could vote!

  2. Now, Oconomowoc, that is a punchline to a joke!

  3. This afternoon, I was reminiscing about this time of year in western Michigan. How gorgeous the turning of the leaves are, how crisp the air is, how beautiful the lake is with the autumn light shining on it. I wished I was there.

    And, for the record, I kinda liked Kenosha. The Italian market there, Tenuta's, is positively fabulous!


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