Wednesday, August 22, 2012

U is for Up! Up! Up!

I found myself at the top of a parking ramp yesterday. Welcome to Madison with clear blue skies and crappy student housing.

I find the buildings charming but realize, since one of my students told me about cockroaches and ceiling tiles falling on her in her new rental house, that I am probably in the minority in that thinking.


I am filled with a sense of duty to write something about the Todd Akin controversy, but it seems like so many others have done it already.  I'm two days too late to be doing anything but rehash what everyone else is saying.  Maybe I'll articulate my feelings someday soon.  Or maybe I'll just relive that glorious afternoon where I was free to wander about Madison, enjoying its whimsy and joy.

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  1. That sky! Reminds me of the western sky back where I grew up. I could live in Madison. And then I'd be closer to my family. Maybe a job will pop up. (I say 'I could live ____' a lot, just leaving myself open to the universe! Not trying to come and stalk you.)


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