Friday, August 17, 2012

S is for Self (or stream of consciousness)

One day I just started taking these pictures with my camera phone everywhere I went.  The shadow as ever present accompaniment is not a new idea, but it came to me that my shadow will always come with the sun. 

Someday soon when it is cold outside, I want to look back on these pictures and realize that there will again come a time when I can go outside in skirts and without a jacket.

Fashion trends I will  never partake in: short sleeved suits, horizontal stripes on the top half of a woman (seriously, STOP wearing striped tops, my fellow ladies - it makes you look fat even if you are not), skinny jeans, and those gladiator sandals. 

Exercises I vow someday to be able to do in the correct form: pushups, pullups, and the stupid triangle pose.

Items for the kitchen I really want: a digital scale, an ice cream attachment for our KitchenAid, and a dedicated gluten-free set of mixing bowls.

Fruits in the fruit bin right now: blueberries, plums, and nectarines.

Questions I still have: why does the cat keep biting me? where does the wind go? when will enough ever be enough?  why does that person keep putting Mitt Romney posts up on Facebook? when can I breathe again?  when will I see them again?


  1. I think the exact same thing when I see people in horizontally striped shirts. One day my sister handed one down to me and I thought, "is she freakin' nuts? I can't wear this!"

  2. Um, I can't agree on the horizontal striped shirts. That's a complete myth. I've seen plenty of women of all sizes who look spectacular in horizontal stripes. I'm sorry, but that myth in particular gets under my skin. It's about the color contrast, the proportion of the stripes, and the layout. There's no such thing as a universal no-no in my opinion.


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