Wednesday, August 08, 2012

P is for Pink

I think it is very likely that the owner of this Kia, who spray painted their car pink and stenciled Hello Kitty cartoons all over it, would be my friend.

I always talk big about getting a Vespa and then I realize that it's completely impractical and I will never own an impractical vehicle.  But I sure do love seeing little scooters and mopeds zipping around.

I saw both of these within blocks of each other. I wandered around another few blocks desperately trying to find a pink bicycle because I feel like that would have just completed the transportation trio, but sadly, I couldn't find one.

Go pink!


  1. Hello Kitty has no mouth.

    Sorry, a friend of mine had to point that out every time she saw Hello Kitty, and now it's some kind of conditioning for me.

    (Largest plastic-bottomed lake in Europe...)

  2. I think I’ll be great friends with the owner of that Kia as well! It’s always been my dream to own a pink car, but with Hello Kitty designs? That’ll be the dream car of my dream cars! What do you say we both save up to buy our own pink cars? Haha! And by the way, you like Criminal Minds too? I’m a fan! It’s my favorite TV series, next to CSI!


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