Tuesday, August 07, 2012

O is for Obsolete (and Overscheduled)

Maybe there is still a market for payphones at rest stops along major interstates, but I don't think it's a big market. This pay phone amused me and my husband made fun of me for looking like a total rube as I wandered around it taking pictures.  "Hey, everyone, she doesn't know what a telephone is..."

We ran the gamut of emergency personnel this weekend.  We called the police because there was a  dog locked inside a minivan at the movie theater.  Poor thing was clearly distressed, it was close to 90 degrees out, and the windows were steamed.  We ended up at the emergency room when I had a strange case of vertigo.  And, of course, we watched in horrified silence as a local temple was terrorized by a gunman.

I spend so much time these days on the road, driving from one place to another that I'm getting to know all the rest areas well.  This little cooler and I are becoming best friends.  I am starting to get down on myself because there is so much I haven't done - I haven't made those phone calls, written to my grandmother, or printed those photos out - but then I remember that it will all get done sometime.  So, I'm sorry if I haven't called or written or texted.  I promise you'll hear from me soon.

The movie we watched was The Dark Knight Returns.  The whole time we watched it I couldn't help but think of how movie theaters, schools, and churches are all "soft targets" and vulnerable to attack.  Guns kill, people. Guns kill.

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