Thursday, August 02, 2012

N is for Nearby

For months before we moved, I had nothing to do all day. I played with the cat, worked out, cooked dinner, vacuumed compulsively, and took unnecessary trips to the library and Target. Here I am busy, so busy all the time. I love it, but it means that I haven't had as much time to play with the camera as I thought I would have. During a break during a class I was teaching, I ran outside and took some shots as quickly as I could, from the doorway of the building. Madison is such a fun city - full of color and life. I like it far more than I had anticipated.
We were in Iowa celebrating my mother- and father-in-law's wedding anniversary last weekend.  My three year old nephew bet me five monies that his mom would wear yellow. When she came down wearing pink, he owed me five monies, but none of us knew what that meant, so I took my payment in the form of kisses and hugs.  Now my husband and I have taken to betting on the outcomes of Olympic events with monies.  Losers have to pay up in kisses and hugs, of course.

At some point in the last year, my navel piercing was taken out. I think I want to get it re-pierced, so I've been checking out some of the tattoo parlors/piercing parlors in Madison.  It just pleases me so much to wander in there and ask them about their APP accreditation.  I'm just a prissy looking girl wondering if you sanitize properly.
One of our friends lives in Madison and he said before me moved here that it was a great city if you could ignore all the Badgers.  I think he's right. I'll proudly wear my Golden Gophers sweatshirt and get ridiculed, but enjoy the bike lanes and the easily accessible co-ops.


  1. It makes me so happy to hear how much you're enjoying your new surroundings. I hear you on loving being near the pulse of a city and having things to do/see. You're braver than I am to do a belly piercing! Good luck with that and may the place be clean!

  2. I glad you're loving your new city! When I went through Wisconsin last fall, I had no idea what to expect and certainly did not expect to love it. While we didn't see much of Madison, we drove all throughout that area and it was fabulous. I even loved Milwaukee.


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