Wednesday, July 25, 2012

M is for Metal

There's a lot of public art in a town where I've been working recently, including these awesome metal sculptures that are just hanging out on the public library campus.

I feel like presenting this metal blob as an example of rust and erosion in a high school science lesson.

A proliferation of x's must have inspired the artist who created the following sculpture.  I am not sure what exactly it's supposed to represent, but I told myself that it's all about x marking the spot where you can find all the knowledge.  Maybe I'm taking the whole library thing too far.

Did you happen to notice how gross not green the grass looks? It looks better in Illinois than it does in east central Wisconsin, but it's so dry everywhere in the Midwest, I'd be surprised if the grass ever recovers. Also, when food prices spike at the end of the summer, you heard it here first.  The crops are in sad shape.

I spent a lot of time wandering around this hunk of metal, taking pictures, and wondering if the artist who created knew it would end up in on the lawn of a library, how much time he or she spent working on it, and if I would get lockjaw if I touched it.

I don't see a lot of public art in our new town, but seeing these made me want to wander around town and find something, anything. 


  1. I like the idea of an art hunt. I miss living near Washington DC. It was fun to go there and explore the museums and all the public art. I'm sure there's a lot here in Dallas. Once the weather cools off, that might be fun to do with the kid. Let him crawl around while I take pictures.

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