Friday, July 13, 2012

K is for Kicks (Shoes, Closets, and I Learned How to Make an Arrow with Picasa)

So these are my shoes!  I also have three pairs of tall boots and winter boots, but they are stored elsewhere.  While I realize this may not be super exciting, I want to tell you about the greatest shoes that ever shoed.
See these shoes I have cleverly pointed to with a red arrow?  These are Mephisto Helen sandals.  They have, no exaggeration meant here, changed my life.  In addition to my healing left leg issues of swelling and occasional soreness, I have kind of flat feet and a penchant towards plantar fashiitis.  For years, I have just accepted foot and lower leg pain as part of my regular life.  My husband feels vaguely nauseated all the time and my feet hurt.  That's life, right?

Well, no. I finally broke down and bought these sandals. It hurt my soul a little because they are much more than I would regularly spend on not all that cute shoes, but I was in so much pain. They are wonderful. I don't come home from class and immediately put my foot up for as long as I was on my feet. My foot can swell and it accommodates the swelling without having to be adjusted. I am in love with these shoes.  All my other shoes are sad now because I don't wear them very often.

I didn't want my boots to be left out so here is where they are.  They are in our closet on the top rack in their boxes. They probably won't get much use until it's a bit cooler.

Are you jealous of our closets yet?  We decided to spend an extra $10 a month to get TWO walk-ins instead of just one. I love how I can find everything.  Especially my shoes.


  1. Yay for walk in closets and yay for shoes that make your feet happy!

  2. $10 for another closet?! Um, yes please! In South Africa, there are almost no closets (unless you're in a modern house)- they use lots of armoires and cupboards. Never enough space. And they take up a ton of room in an already small room. I wish I could organize my shoes better- right now they're in a scratchy woven basket, getting damaged and smashed little by little.

  3. I love your last couple posts. You sound really happy! That's wonderful. Congrats on the teaching and future possibilities. And lightening bugs! I miss them. I guess Texas is too hot. As a consolation prize, the 3-inch cockroaches fly around...

  4. Also, I have those same shoes in black! Definitely my go-to sandal. I've had a fallen arch in my left foot since high school, so I've long ago learned that the one area I can't scrimp is on shoes. I have some that I wear for going out on a date, but my day to day shoes are expensive, but worth it.

    My 73-year old Dad just called and told me he finally bought shoes at a real shoe store instead of Walmart and was amazed what a difference it made... In his case (not yours!), he can often be penny wise and pound foolish.


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