Friday, April 02, 2010

Dear Spring Break

How are you? I know, I know, I know. It's been too short, our time together. But haven't we enjoyed it?

First, there was the whole "not much on our agenda" except for listening to Pandora and doing an occasional errand here and there*. I really liked that. I hope you're okay with the fact that we didn't do any of that crazy traveling/drinking/partying that seems to be what people think of when they think of Spring Break. Last week, I was fraying at the seams, unraveling in front of myself, and I really needed just a relaxation party. Which, you know, you provided.

Plus, there was that whole awesome global warming thing you did for me. I mean, it was eighty fucking degrees here yesterday! In Minneapolis! On April 1! I thought it was a big fat April Fool's Day joke, but it turns out that there's just a crazy weather system. And since it was warm and sunny and beautiful all week, I had a week of doing nothing while hanging out at the lake and riding my bike. So, yeah - thanks Spring Break.

Sure, we had our stressful moments together. Taking Monster in to deal with the squealing was tough and cost us a pretty penny. But, guess what? Overhauling the brakes at 101,000 miles is probably a good idea. And, now? No squealing!! Sure, we had to deal with the taxes. It's been an ongoing struggle and we did end up owing some money, but whatever. It's just money. We are, right now, hemorrhaging money in kind of a bad way, but that's why we are so frugal, right? Let's not even talk about the ant I saw and the freak out that followed by my dear husband and the Raid and the open windows because, hey, it was eighty fucking degrees and we could have the windows open!!!

Let's just cap it off by letting you know that I am really sad you're coming to end. But, I know that it's time I go back to work because last night I got snippy with my husband because I have now cleared the cache of books I had stored on my Kindle and now I really want to buy some new books, but I have this spending moratorium, so I'm not allowing myself to buy new books and I'm a teeny tiny bit bored.

So thanks for coming and being so spectacularly awesome. Let's do it again sometime, okay?

Love (really and truly),

*Yeah, yeah. I know that I did work 20 hours this week at my other job, but really? That seemed like FUN, you know? Something to force me to get showered and dressed each day?

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  1. Ah, Kindle Book has made us lazy! Is there a library around? Or is it too much to navigate traffic? It would be for me and my hermit-like driving anxiety. No big-city driving, not even for awesome reading.


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