Monday, December 14, 2009

Gift Guide for Her (or Me, However You Interpret It)

The promised gift guide for what to get a borderline crazy 30ish woman for Christmas. Namely, me. If I was buying stuff for myself, here's what I'd get.

First, this lovely 7 Bracelet from Twisted Silver. I have been not so secretly coveting this bracelet for months. At $50, it's a bit pricey, but, hey, you do what you have to do for the bangle. I have been stalking this piece for months and it's yet to go on sale, so I'm thinking it might never. So as a Christmas present, this would be divine because I'm never going to pony up that much money.

A cheaper option would be to send me this, the World's Smallest Letter, from Leafcutter Designs. Each letter is only $8! Wax seal and magnifying glass included in the price! A bargain in my mind, but again, it's sort of a crazy mind, so what do I know?
But, enough frivolity, let's talk clothes. I don't know about the rest of the girls in your life, but I lust after Shabby Apple dresses, especially the entire Carousel line. Shabby Apple has dresses with sleeves with no low-plunging v-necks that require more layering than a novitiate on Easter (two of my biggest complaints about most of the dresses I find at malls these days).

This dress, Cotton Candy, I would probably sacrifice my oldest niece for. Okay, maybe not, but it would be a hard decision. At $93 I probably won't be getting it, but see, that's what the Christmas list is all about. Things I would never pay for.
Seriously, NGS? Pink paisley? That's your idea of beauty. Hell yeah. But if you don't like it, what do you think of this one? The Carnival, from the selfsame Carousel line, is also to die for. Don't you think I'd look hot, albeit a bit chunkier than this lady whose legs I would kill to have, in this color?

Enough with that. No one's going to buy you a dress for Christmas. It's cold outside and whatnot. (For the record, today - high of 4 above - I wore a dress with leg warmers. I'm stylin', baby.) So what else?

Maybe a Bicycle Paper Suitcase Set from Pink Loves Brown. Dudes, this was on my list last year. I really want it. $38 and you get a set of 10 stationery, 6 blank notecards, and a paper suitcase in the color of your choice (brown, if anyone cares). The stationery could be personalized, if you're into that kind of thing, but frankly I'm not. Look how pretty! It comes with a bow!!

Well, I'm sick of your independent stores, bitch. I want something I can order from that behemoth called amazon. Fine. I'm interested in the second season of the Gilmore Girls. I have season one and I'd like to add to my collection. ($27.60 at that superstore of the Interwebs.)
That's too much for your budget? Do this girl a favor and consider the soulful crooning of 25 Number Ones from the man with the hair, Conway Twitty. My love for Conway is deep. (There are two lyrics I sing to my husband almost every day - "I've gotta party in my pocket and you know I just got paid" from Bon Jovi's 99 in the Shade and "That's my job/That's what I do/Everything I do I do for you/To keep you here with me/That's my job, you see" from Conway Twitty's That's My Job. I'm so predictable the boy just looks at me when there's an opening for one of those songs. I sing them. That's my job you see.) Oh, yeah, this CD is an awesome $10.38 at that giant place of music and books.

But, see, I spend most of my time trolling independent stores. I couldn't leave some of my bookmarked favorited items from Etsy off this list. First up, this awesome amber safety pin necklace from MysticLilly. All right, fine, it's been sold. But it's pretty and I bet it jingle jangles which is my number one criteria for bracelets. She has tons more in different colors (I like the brown and gold, what can I say?) and they run about $22. Go buy some.

No, you're sick of my requests for bracelets? Well, how about this awesome Owl Bag? It's from Deadworry's shop. I love it and I bet my husband would even ask to borrow it. No, you think the owl is too feminine? Well, maybe. But how cute! And such a handy size. At $25, I should have snatched one up for every woman on my Christmas list. I didn't do that, but I'm going to seriously consider it for next year.
And, last buy not least, a necklace from A Fine Distraction. It's cute with a little acorn and I'm absolutely digging on the copper chain. I think copper and brass are going to be my new obsession. I love the way they aren't really gold or silver and they can be mixed and matched without violating all the crazy rules I have about mixing metallics.

In addition to these fine items, I believe I sent my father an email in October requesting a slow cooker, a Joy of Cooking cookbook, and a set of herbs for our windowsill. What I was thinking about getting herbs to grow in Minnesota in the middle of winter is beyond my understanding, but it was October!! I didn't have a list then!! Shop well my friends!!


  1. I WANT that owl bag.

  2. LOVE GILMORE GIRLS!!and love that blue dress! SOOOOO cute!!!!! this was fun and it made me want to go shopping! lol

  3. I'd say BB has his work cut out for him.

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