Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pet Peeves, Some Controversial

1) Pre-printed holiday cards, especially the ones with the family picture on them that say, "Happy Holidays from the Harrises." That's weak, people. Take the extra time to write a personal note to people, especially if they are the type of people with whom your only communication is the damn holiday card. I'd rather a smart ass, "Hi! I'm still alive!" on my card than an impersonal family portrait. I get that you're trying to save time, but really, it's just rude and telling people you're too busy for them. I'd rather not get sent a card at all than to have to figure out what to do with another holiday card from Shutterfly. I hate those things. With a fiery passion that is reserved for people who don't use turn signals or cart corrals.

2) People whose profile pictures are pictures of someone else, particularly their children. Look, it's fine if you want to use an inanimate object to represent yourself. Maybe you don't want your pictures on the Interwebs for all the world to see. That's cool, yo. For the longest time my picture was flowers (ironic that since I dislike most flowers) so I don't mean to say that your profile picture has to be a picture of you. BUT, don't put your kid's picture up there. Last I checked, you were your own damn person and not your kid. So don't. Just don't. Unless you want an irate email from me. Which, maybe that's your thing. See how razzed up you can get NGS.

3) Wet Octobers. Frankly, I didn't know this was a pet peeve until this past month. The rain people. It is killing me. We try to plan exciting Halloween-activities like corn mazes and haunted houses and ghost tours, only to be constantly discouraged by the weather. Either it is raining and I don't want to stand out in the rain for hours and hours in the rain or it has just finished raining and everything is soggy. Even as I type this, the rain is pouring down outside my window.

Also, the overabundance of rain this month (it's like 350% above normal) means that the trees aren't really changing color. The leaves are simply falling off. Estoy mal.

4) The water situation in our apartment building. We get charged for water in our building in a very unfair way. Basically, our management company is too cheap to meter the individual units, so they get a bill for our building and then divide it up by the number of occupied units and we all get to pay an even share. Which is just plain silly because some units have only one person in them, some have up to four or five, some units have babies, some don't, some have dishwashers, some don't. It's just ridiculous and every time I write out the check for water, I feel my blood pressure rising at the simply unfairness of it all.

Let's not even get into how we have to pay to use the washer and the dryer but then pay AGAIN because the water used by the washer is also figured into our water bill. *sigh* I clearly need to stop overthinking the water thing and just be happy we have safe water available.

5) The Simpson's postage stamps. Why aren't they cooler looking? I mean, seriously. Did Matt Groening have a say in which images were used? Because, other than the Maggie stamp, they are all spectacularly boring. Just saying.


  1. 1 I don't mind receiving only pictures from some people. My husband has a ton of aunts, uncles, and cousins (24 sets of aunts and uncles, 100+ cousins), and I like seeing how the kids have grown, but to be honest I don't know them well enough to care if we get personal notes from them. I definitely understand your point of view, though.

    2 I agree for the most part. I generally dislike a profile pictures of someone's kid(s). You're still a person, even though you're a parent!

  2. Shoot, I just remembered that I have a friend with a cute and funny baby picture as her profile picture, and I actually like it. I think hers is the exception though.

  3. The rain. Oh, the rain. I cannot stand it. This has been the suckiest October ever. The leaves are too soggy to crunch when you step on them, everything is mucky and drippy and damp, and I am so sick of the hem of pants being wet, making my feet cold.

    And the Christmas cards. I actually don't mind the picture ones, however impersonal, but the newsletters! Some of them are great, updating without being all isn't-my-life-better-than-yours. Most of them, though, annoy the crap out of me.

  4. That photo thing is one of my pet peeves, too. That and couples who share a damn Facebook page. Seriously, you are YOUR OWN PERSON! You can have your own Facebook page! Sigh.

  5. i kind of love this. and i'm lmfao at the picture holiday card. i've never thought about it.. or cared either way. and i never send any out cause i totally suck like that and pretend i am way too fucking busy to address 150 envelopes. that shit was reserved for my wedding and well.. that's over.

    i do like when people write holiday letters what they've been doing for the past year. UNLESS they are informing me that their kid now talks or walks, which is kind of like.. no shit, he's 5. i mean really? only holiday letter me if there is good shit in it. otherwise, STFU.

    wow, i'm opinionated on this topic for someone who said she had never even thought about this before. LOL

    and yes- i hate when people have pics of their kids FOR their pic. hi, that's not you. i mean really? i have a pic WITH my kid in my facebook currently, but that shit is always on rotation and i just use whatever pic i look the hottest in at the moment. he just happened to luck out and be with me for that one. but i would never just put his face in for my profile. he can get his own fucking profile. lol

    okay. i'm shutting up now.
    i think.


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