Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Embarrassing Songs I've Bookmarked on Pandora

I can't defend these choices. I will add no snarky comments (except that I will because I can't help myself). I'd share my current playlist from my media player, but that's even more embarrassing, so this will have to do. I will accept my shame.

1) "Don't Sleep in the Subway" - Petula Clark (frankly the entire Clark oeuvre is marked)
2) "England" - Great Big Sea*
3) "The Leaving of Liverpool" - Gaelic Storm
4) "The Mermaid" - Great Big Sea
5) "Why" - Rascal Flatts (shame, deep shame)
6) "Make Your Own Kind of Music" - The Mamas & The Papas
7) "He Goes to Church" - Cherryholmes**
8) "What I'd Say" - Earl Thomas Conley
9) "Same Old River" - Jeff Black***
10) "Georgia" - The District****
11) "That Was Us" - Tracy Lawrence
12) "When Love is New" - Dolly Parton and Emmy Rossum
13) "It's Getting Better all the Time" - Brooks & Dunn
14) "Ellis Unit One" - Steve Earle
15) "More Like Her" - Miranda Lambert (and I have to admit I just rocked out to "Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town")

*Have you heard of Great Big Sea? I love this band. How come I didn't know it existed? Thanks Pandora!! If you like fun sea shanties, check this band out. Or even if you don't like them. Because this band is awesome. See the two GBS songs on this list and "Excursion Around the Bay." You won't be disappointed.

**Who/what is this Cherryholmes? I don't know, but this song left quite an impression on me. It's quite sad. Be forewarned.

***Who? What is this song? I don't remember it. But it's on my list!! I must have liked it enough to take note of it.

****Was I sleeping when I marked these songs? What is this?!


  1. What about "Downtown" by Petula Clark, and "The Girl From Impanema" by Frank Sinatra (both on mine)... oh, embarrassing.

    Great Big Sea is an awesome Canadian band from the Maritimes! Do you love them now? Check out more of their stuff. I have seen them in concert a few times and they are just great. I took Buddy Budderson for one of his birthdays. You will love "Lukey" and "Mari Mac", you'll get hooked just trying to learn the lyrics!

  2. Miranda Lambert...I love her. Gunpowder and Lead is on permanent rotation on my ipod.

  3. I love Great Big Sea! And Petula Clark is nothing to be embarrassed about. Not at all.

  4. There is no shame in Rascal Flats! Well, maybe there is but I refuse to admit it. :)

  5. I ALSO love Great Big Sea- I discovered them when they opened for Dar Williams several years ago. While I love Dar, I might have liked Great Big Sea even more!


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