Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Unrelated Things

1) Our friends N. and M. are moving to Geneva. So this officially means that we have no friends left in the Twin Cities. If anyone reading this actually lives in the greater metro area, hey, let me know. We need friends. Or I need advice on how to meet people. Whatever.

Anyway, so they are moving. It's a move for an indefinite period of time, but what my dear friends do know is that they won't be back until late December.

Enter me begging them, pleading with them, getting down on my knees in front of them, for the chance to foster their fluffy orange cat named Dae.

Today Dae was dropped off!!!! We have a cat!! For FOUR months!!! To say I am ecstatic is to put it in an underwhelming way. The boy has a few rules for me (including to "don't get too attached" - WTF?) but we have a cat!! A cat, by the by, that adores my husband. She has yet to sit in my lap today, but nearly every time the boy goes to sit at his computer, the cat climbs up. It's pretty adorable. Yay for Dae!!

2) Speaking of adorable, let's talk babies, shall we?

My SIL had a baby a couple of weeks ago. (Both mama and baby are doing fab, thanks for asking.) This means that the number of nieces and nephews we have has grown by 400% in the last year. Awesome. (So what that we only had 1 before? Now we have 5!)

Twins: The news on the twins is mixed. They were transferred back to Iowa City from the hospital in their hometown after it was discovered they both had problems with their eyes. Baby O had a surgery to repair a couple of hernias this morning. Here he is, looking handsome as ever (taken a few days ago). ROAR.

Baby K is finally free of any tubes!! Here is the first picture we have of her with nothing taped to her face!! She's not getting regular oxygen and she's feeding completely from the bottle or breast now. Go Baby K!

They're both big babies now (over seven pounds each) and look like infants instead of alien life forms. Unfortunately, Baby O still needs to be on oxygen pretty regularly and Baby K is not digesting food as well as they'd like. They both still need regular workups to deal with their eye issues, and of course, they need to followup with Baby O after his surgery today.

HOWEVER, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The babies were born on May 27 and have been in the hospital their entire lives. Their official due date STILL isn't for another week! But the doctors are cautiously optimistic that the twins will be able to go home soon. Maybe even by the end of this week!

Their parents are so happy and I am delighted that this weekend we will be visiting them (either in the hospital or at home) and I am going to read them the books I have all wrapped up for them. Go babies!! It really is amazing what they can do with the little babies in this day and age. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all continues to go well with them.


  1. I am in the Twin Cities. I am also unemployed. So, you know, PLENTY of time to hang out.

    Also, yay for kitties - I'm glad to you get to have one, even if it's just a loaner.

  2. I am SO JEALOUS you have Dae. I love Dae!

    Also, we live in Saint Paul, which according to N. is a "suburb" of Minneapolis, so I don't know if it counts as a place near enough to be friends. :)

  3. I'm not in the twin cities, but if you ever want to go to the beach in Texas let me know!

    And, also, yay for kitties! I accidently have 3, and if I lived remotely close to you (ha! an oxymoron!) I'd give you one of mine.

  4. Does the blogname change indicate that it was time for a change, that you are no longer a grad student, or both?


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