Friday, August 14, 2009

To talk or not to talk

I haven't talked to either one of my parents in over a month. It wasn't conscious decision. It just sort of happened.

Two years ago neither of my parents called me on my birthday. My now husband, fiance at the time, had to console me as I sobbed on his shoulder, crying for a relationship that never was and never will be.

My birthday is on Sunday. I wonder if they will call.

I will be busy on Sunday. We are taking a trip to Iowa. There is much going on. A wedding on Saturday, the twins being discharged (yay!), a brand new nephew we haven't met yet, and an uncle in the hospital, an uncle we are not sure will live. All of this in two and a half days, one day that, quite coincidentally, is my birthday.

If my parents do call, it is quite possible I will not be able to answer the phone. If they do not call, though, I promise myself here and now that I will not cry again.

It is, after all, just another day. Another day of silence.


  1. Guess what? I will call you on Sunday. That's how I roll. Plus I love you. :)

  2. Girl, I so could have written this. Hang in there. My parents went three or four years without calling me on my birthday (and they almost NEVER initiate phonecalls, period), but I'm getting better about not caring about it.

  3. Happy birthday to you today.

    I haven't talked to my mom in a month. I don't know why either.

  4. wow. I'm sorry. I'm not sure what I'm sorry for. I guess I'm sorry you, or anyone, has to deal with family like this. I'm glad that you have a great fiance who loves you.

  5. I haven't talked to my parents in well over a month either, but that is par for the course and therefore I'm unconcerned about it. The fact that a month is apparently a long time makes me feel like an estranged child, though. Whoops.

    More importantly, happy birthday! Belated, but still. Hope it was happy!

  6. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Happiest of Birthdays to you.


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