Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Sports Illustrated

Dear Sports Illustrated,

Last week, my husband and I got our Sports Illustrated and there was no mention of the "Favre situation" as I have taken to calling it while my husband humors me. We assumed that the edition went to press before the awfulness transpired.

So I imagined that this week it would be a big freaking deal when our SI arrived. However, much to my amusement and delight, the cover is a shot of Usain Bolt and in the very top left corner, there's a number 4, split diagonally, each half in the colors of a different team, the Vikings and the Packers, and a red circle with a slash through it overlaying the 4. Around the circle, the text reads 100% Favre Free Issue.

I think it's a bold move that the number one sports magazine is failing to cover what is, at least around these parts, the biggest sports story of the week. Possibly the month. For me? Possibly the year. (Although the Michael Vick fiasco is a whole different rant.)

So. That's why we subscribe to Sports Illustrated here at this house. The writing is usually pretty good (ignore the dumb cover story last week that was like a million pages long and boring - could you all be sure not to repeat a story about three dudes no one's ever heard of again?) and your editorial staff takes stances. You definitely have a stance on doping in sports, you definitely had a take on the Vick situation, and you aren't afraid to say it, put in writing, defend your opinions and suggestions, and be bold.

I think some politicians could learn from your fine magazine about how to truthfully take a position and back it up. You don't skate around issues. You know that some people will be upset. The letters to the editor invariable reflect the differences in these views. But, guess what? That's awesome. I love that. Thanks for making us happy.

In Favre-Free Solidarity,

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