Friday, August 21, 2009

Need to get it together (and talk about football)

I have turned into that person. You know the one who can't keep track of anything? The one who is constantly annoying her partner by asking if we have chicken stock in the house even though we bought chicken stock yesterday and, damn it, I should remember that? That person? That's me.

I ran out of checks. How did I not know I was running out of checks? This has resulted in having to make the boy write checks and take the money out of our savings account and when I get the checks, I will repay the savings account. But who does this? Where is my brain?

THEN, after the Great Check Debacle of 2009, I FORGOT totally about an appointment I had this afternoon. My student calls me at 1:32 and says, "uhhh...NGS...we were supposed to meet at 1:30." Oh, crap. I need to get it together.

Oh. Brett Favre is dressed as a Viking. The preseason game against Kansas City is being shown on television right now. My heart is hurting. Why is Brett Favre doing this? I'm expected to drop my long-standing resentment of Favre and welcome him with open arms? Well, I'm not gonna. I just refuse.

(Can I tell you how excited I was to hear that Michael Vick had signed with the Eagles? I was REALLY nervous that he was going to sign with the Lions and then I would have had to break up with my hometown team. I was preparing myself for some deep soul-searching and was happy that Detroit didn't bend to the popular opinion that they couldn't live without Vick. Because I am one of those people who think that the NFL has really let its fans down by allowing Vick to continue to play football. End of strange parenthetical rant.)

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