Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing the Cat

Meet Dae. She's orange and ferocious and looks grumpy but really, really, really loves to cuddle. With my husband. Not so much with me. (Please don't judge the state of our carpet. We don't own a vacuum. We borrow one from our resident manager every week, but sometimes that's just not enough. Hi! That's my bike tire. Do I know how to frame a shot or what?)

We swore we wouldn't let her drink out of the bathroom faucet, but we each independently let her do it on the sly without letting the other human know it because we, the humans, were trying to suck up to her, the cat. Now she insists someone give her water out of the faucet all the time. We are helpless. Must do what cute kitty tells us to do.

She loves to plop down on the windowsill. (See how I wrote that? I don't know if I should use lay or lie so I just rewrote the sentence to avoid it entirely. But now I fessed up my ignorance and it would have just taken less time to look it up.) Again, how could anyone stop themselves from going over there and giving her a quick pat?

The following is the reason my husband has been less than productive over the last couple of weeks. The cat thinks he is bored when he's at his computer. She must be more entertaining than the bright box. And, of course, she is correct.

Don't worry, N. and M. Your cat is in safe hands with us. We will be documenting her every yawn by film if these first couple of weeks are any indication!!


  1. ha. that's funny. cute kitty.

  2. Such a cute kitty cat. I love that she drinks form the sink.

  3. You know for a fact that you're the only one who lets the cat drink from the faucet. Don't even blame your poor, henpecked hubby. :)

  4. Thank you for the Dae pictures and I was never worried: I knew she would wrap you two around her little, orange paw. I love the utter floof in the last picture.


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