Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My List

So my list for the next two days looks like this:

Wednesday morning - clean bedroom, take box to Salvation Army
Wednesday afternoon - first bike ride of the season, finish putting together box for best friend, call dress shop where dress is on consignment

Thursday morning - laundry
Thursday afternoon - meet with friend and her baby and try to resist eating baby's cheeks (said baby is actually walking and talking now, making it quite clear she does not want the crazy lady eating her cheeks, but...well, maybe she'll change her mind)

And I have failed in completing my Wednesday morning list!! The box is still sitting in our living room!!

In Chicago this past weekend, we stayed with one of BB's cousins. While there, we noticed that they have a disturbing lack of stuff. We have four bookshelves packed with books and a fifth that is mostly filled with cookbooks, old political science journals, and guitar paraphernalia. They had NO bookshelves. Nary a book that I could see in their entire house (albeit we did not enter the master suite)!! How do people live that way?! (They also have a ginormous plasma screen television set that they referred to as "small" a couple of times. It was approximately six times the size of our television and we really didn't know what to say.)

So this created an insane need in me to reorganize the bookshelf on my side of the bedroom. It was...complete disorganized. Between jewelry and JD Robb books, it was a nightmare of epic proportions. So I fixed it. Along the way I realized that the dust bunnies have taken over our house!! I should be embarrassed, I guess, but instead I was impressed that we had managed to overlook these little critters as they took over our entire household. So then I got sidetracked and began scouring our floors with a Swiffer cloth until I had rid the bathroom, hallway, and two bedrooms of these menaces. I have not yet started on our dining/living area, but it is only a matter of time!!

Now I am off to do the fabulous chore of dropping off a box of used clothing at the Salvation Army store down the road before we can begin our first bike ride of the season!!


  1. I don't know how people live without bookshelves. I could not do it. It's killing me right now to have my books in boxes. Not that I can actually read all of them at one time, but I like seeing them all neat and lined up.

    If you have a Goodwill store near you, it's better to donate to them. Salvation Army has a well documented discriminatory view on who they will and will not help in times of need. Of course, if the SA is the only option in your area, I suppose it's better than nothing, as they do help some people.

  2. I have no idea how people live without bookshelves. I even have one in a closet!


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